The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca is a source of vivid, full-spectrum inspiration. Apart from the its beautiful physical environment, whether in the state’s coastal or mountain regions, the air of Oaxaca blesses me time and again with profound and intense visions, day and night.

In 2015 I began a series that I continue today. This series allows me to experiment with methods of paint application and colour harmonizing. The space becomes the subject. The subject becomes the void. In doing so, the painting comes alive and various illusions appear and disappear. It has been difficult for me to tame this body of work into carrying a name. It is a struggle to title and define it…the words seem to elude me at every attempt. Wildlife abstraction, intuitive naturalist painting, flora and fauna expressionism. I cannot seem to appropriately label it.

It is a series that gives me release. It has taught me to let go of harsh self-artist-judgement, the need to control, the desire for perfection and eternal dissatisfaction. These widespread habits are hugely unrealistic when we consider the natural chaos of the planet and of human life on it. Although the use of these mental mechanisms allow for boosted evolution to a certain degree, and although they are certainly beneficial as short-term mental and physical performance enhancers, when adopted for prolonged periods, they become damaging to every cell of the body, and therefore the cells of the brain and the ethereal mind.

These habits can quickly become the foes of creativity. I would also argue that they become the enemy of vitality and good health amongst many humans. When we allow them to embed in our psyches, they wreak havoc and cause a variety of contemporary ailments and dis-eases: heightened stress, nervous breakdowns, ulcers, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue and many more.

This ongoing collection is healing. It has blessed me with clarity and broadened vision. It has given me detachment and enjoyment, thus making me willing and eager to work. It is pleasurable because I can let go. Let go of myself, of my expectations; let go of others, of their expectations. Release is peace.